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CBSE WORK SHEET BOOKS (For Classes 6th To 10th Classes)

A Child with a strong Foundation takes much less time to understand a subject as compared to other students. Our CBSE Foundation Worksheet Books aims at providing the right foundation and Practice to the students so as to build a strong base and command over concepts. Our CBSE Worksheet Books are Unique and Powerful that follows strictly CBSE Syllabus and makes the subject not only easy but also interesting. An easy Synopsis have been presented in such an easy manner that even an average student enjoys stdying and practicing it.The Objective is to gradually uplift the thinking ability of the student to a level where he can logically discover solutions to different problems on his own.These books will definitely take the student one step higher in his/her endeavor to success.

  • These books are designed on the basis of latest Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) pattern of exams.
  • Complete syllabus is covered in brief followed by illustrations and activities of NCERT.
  • Concepts are explained in a well structured and lucid manner, using simple language and maps.
  • Practice exercise consists of a number of sections like
       Single Answer Questions
       Statement Type Questions
       Paragraph Questions
       Multi Answer Questions
       Match the Following
       Subjective problems including very short answer type, short answer type and long answer type questions.
       These will help students to develop the necessary application and problem solving skills.
  • The content of these books has been developed keeping in mind the various board/school examinations & other competitive examinations such as PMTs, Olympiads, etc.
  • Every effort has been made to keep the book error free. As there is always a scope for improvement, any comment and suggestion will be gratefully acknowledged.
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